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Jones Chihuahuas CKC Reg'd Short Coat Chihuahua Sad Birth Story

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Описание материала:

Visit Jones Chihuahuas website at http://www.joneschihuahuas.comThis is a video of a very sad story because I lost a pup.Jewels had her pups but we lost one of them. I had to take her to the Vets because her contractions had stopped after the first pup was born. I had given her a shot of Oxytosin and yet her contrations still were not strong enough to push the pup out. After we got the the Vet clinic, the Vet gave her another shot of oxytosin. Just as we were taking about giving her a C-section, she pushed the second pup out. The third pup than started to come, but it was caming breach (bum first). It got stuck in the birth connel and by the time we got him out it was too late. He was no longer alive. I tryed for 15 minutes to revive him but it was too late. We barried him in my parents flower garden under the lilies and so we will remember him. Every life is important. You can also watch many more Chihuahua births that we have had through the years on YOU TUBE.

Язык: Русский
Длительность материала: 00:08:10
Автор: Jones Chihuahuas Toy Breed Boarding Kennel